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The Royal Mail C9 agreement is a deal struck between Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) in 2018. The agreement aimed to bring an end to a dispute over pay, pensions, and job security.

The agreement, which was reached after 10 months of negotiations, included a 6% pay rise over three years for staff, a new pension scheme, and a commitment from Royal Mail to avoid compulsory redundancies.

The C9 agreement was named after the nine issues that were addressed in the negotiations. These included job security, pensions, and pay, as well as issues related to part-time workers, shift patterns, and working hours.

One of the key successes of the C9 agreement was the introduction of a new pension scheme. Royal Mail closed its defined benefit pension scheme to existing members in 2018, which sparked a series of strikes among postal workers. The C9 agreement introduced a new defined benefit scheme, which was designed to be more affordable for Royal Mail while still providing a decent level of retirement income for workers.

The agreement also sought to address concerns about job security. The CWU had been worried about the possibility of compulsory redundancies, particularly with the introduction of new technology. The C9 agreement included a commitment from Royal Mail to avoid compulsory redundancies, and to work with the union to explore alternative options such as voluntary redundancy or reduced hours.

As well as addressing these specific issues, the C9 agreement was seen as an important step forward in the relationship between Royal Mail and the CWU. The negotiations had been long and difficult, with both sides taking a hard line at times. However, the fact that an agreement was eventually reached was seen as a positive sign for the future.

So, what does the C9 agreement mean for Royal Mail and its employees? The increased pay and improved job security will no doubt be welcomed by workers, while the new pension scheme should help to address some of the concerns raised by the closure of the old scheme. For Royal Mail, the agreement offers a more stable and predictable working environment, which should help to improve efficiency and productivity in the long run.

Overall, the Royal Mail C9 agreement was an important milestone in the ongoing relationship between the company and its workers. By addressing key issues such as pay, pensions, and job security, the agreement helped to bring an end to a period of uncertainty and conflict, and paved the way for a more positive and productive future.